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how to use google calendar to track content

For the last two months, I've been using Google Calendar to track my blog content. Here is what I do to keep everything organized!

Google Calendar is a great free online platform that you can access as long as you have a Gmail account. I use Google for my personal account, but it also works so well for my blog. My Mugglehug Studio calendar is below, and you can see my events, reminders, and tasks, each of which are color coded to your choice. (I have mine with my custom brand colors.) Here is how I use each one!


Though I currently do not have a lot of client work, events are nice to remind me of things like phone or video calls, meetings, and deadlines. They are super customizable with location, attachments, and descriptions, and can be hours to weeks long. You can also share them with people, making them perfect for collaborative work of any kind. Plus, there are notifications to remind you when things are coming up!


I use reminders to visually track my blog content. I have a scheduled queue on my blog so that I know the dates of when everything will be published, but it is nice for me to plan things out on a calendar so I can know how consistently I'm posting, when is the best day to do so, if I need to move things around because I need to schedule something else that day, etc. It's also super helpful because the posts that happen on a weekly basis, like Swatch Sunday and Friday Favorites, are repeatable every week.


These are pretty neat because if I something that needs to be explained in more detail, or has multiple steps, I can file it under a specific folder and then add a subtask checklist in addition to the details section. You can then check off the subchecks and complete the tasks, which is really satisfying!


The final great feature about Google Calendar is its connection to Google Keep. If you haven't used it before, Keep is another great resource that allows you to make lists and share them with others if you want. My partner and I have a shared grocery list, for example, but for my blog, I use it on the sidebar of the calendar to track post ideas, good quotes, and basically any other spur of the moment thoughts that I need to write down. You can pin your most important notes at the top, and the rest are organized chronologically.

Though it definitely can be used in a more organized way, I use my Keep to just collect ideas that can then be organized and fleshed out later. It is just really convenient to have right there while planning content, especially for blog posts and artwork ideas for Instagram.

And that's how I use Google Calendar to keep track of my content! This is by no means the most complex system, so those who blog or run businesses full time might have other ways of using Calendar or use something completely different. But it works for me, as someone who does this for fun on the side and gets overwhelmed if I can't be in control of when things go live.

How do you use scheduling programs? Which is your favorite and why? Comment down below or tag me on Instagram @mugglehugstudio!

Thanks for reading!


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