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Volume 16 - 8.10.21

Did someone say Adobe Fonts??

cover page for volume 16

Adobe has so many interesting font choices for all sorts of design styles, so don't sleep on it if you have access. It's also so fun to browse! My favorite of this bunch has to be HWT Roman, but Swear is a close second. They're all gorgeous in their own way. Which is your favorite and how would you use it?

HWT roman extended
No. 1 HWT Roman Extended Lightface

HWT Roman Extended Lightface is credited to Robert Thorne just after 1800 in England, is considered to be the first type style designed specifically for display, rather than for book work.

Get it here.

swear text
No. 2 Swear Text Light

Swear is a flat brush typeface with a modern feel. It comes in a variety of styles and weights, all of which are funky and unique!

Get it here.

lust sans
No. 3 Lust Sans Thin

Lust Sans is an elegant modern font with high contrast and a delicate feel. It comes in six weights, each with italic and regular variations.

Get it here.

No. 4 Temeraire Italienne Italic

An historically grounded exploration into salvaged styles, intended for attention, reference, and modern use. This Italienne variety is so visually interesting.

Get it here.

Which font is your favorite? Comment below or find me on Instagram @mungglehugstudio to let me know.

Thanks for reading!


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