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the font archives

Volume 7 - 6.09.2020

Some beautiful sans serif fonts that work great for trendy projects!

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For this volume of the Font Archives, I wanted to revisit some sans serif fonts that aren't just one weight and have some classic interest to them. These fonts are all great for more contemporary projects that need an edge of sophistication. If that sounds right for your work, read on!

Nouvelle Vague Black, Nouvelle Vague Black font, Nouvelle Vague font, fonts, typography
No. 1 Sophia

Sophia is such a unique font, particularly the angled strokes. I love the capitals especially, but even the lowercase letters look good. This font has some edge that is balanced out really well.

Get it here.

Kaoly font, Kaoly, fonts, font collection, typography
No. 2 Ivy Mode Thin

Ivy Mode is a beautiful font family (and has given me the idea to feature font families as my next theme!), but Thin is especially lovely. I like how wide the characters are, and that it is well proportioned to look good in almost any combination. This font is great for any and all projects that need traditional class with a modern twist.

Get it here.

Al Nevrada font, Al Nevrada, fonts, font, font collection, typography, bold serif
No. 3 Anamortee Sans

This font is actually part of a duo that I got free on Creative Market one week, and I still love the sans font more than the script. It is just chunky enough to make an impact, but remains interesting--I particularly like the short crosses in the capital Q and R. Great for projects that need something easy to read but still visually interesting!

Get it here.

Mermaid Bold font, Mermaid Bold, Mermaid Swash Cap font, Mermaid Swash Cap, font, fonts, typography, font collection, bold serif
No. 4 Celine Peach

Lastly, we have Celine Peach (also one half of a font duo, I'm on a roll today), the "trendiest" of all the fonts featured. I love the high contrast look in fonts, as I feel it adds refinement and distinguishes your brand, logo, or project from someone else's. They add such character but signal reliability and timelessness. Celine Peach is such a good example of a high quality font with contrast. It is great for anything from wedding invitations to law firm logos!

Get it here.

Which font is your favorite? Comment below or find me on Instagram @mungglehugstudio to let me know.

Thanks for reading!


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