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happy april + calendar freebie

No April Fool's here! It's April 1st, and I have a great free calendar for you to print and use to keep on track this spring.

Let's face it: the quarantine and world events have been messing with all of us. Likely, there will be a lot fewer events for you to attend this spring than you might have hoped. However, a calendar is good to have, especially when working from home. Write down work goals, or use it to keep track of more personal details like workouts, emotional health, or meal prep.

Be sure to check out my Instagram for a matching daily to do list that you can fill in and keep on your phone! Post it to your stories to stay accountable (tag me, too!), or just fill it in and use it for yourself.

Balancing creativity, health, and life at this point is rough on all of us. Hopefully this little freebie will cheer you up and add a little fun spring color to your walls.

Happy April!


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