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the font archives

The inaugural issue of the Font Archives at Mugglehug Studio! I've been collecting fonts forever, so I thought it fitting to start a record of all my favorites.

Volume 1 - 3.17.2020

typography, fonts, digital design, digital art

Volume 1 of the Font Archives features some of my favorite handwritten and brush fonts. These are perfect as accent or decorative fonts, but are distinctly different from the feel of a fancy calligraphy font. These have a bit more punch, thanks to the brush stroke effects and handwriting elements.

Flassty, Flassty font, fonts, typography, script font, brush font, brushstroke font
No. 1 Flassty

This font has a really cool brushstroke effect, and uses rounded shapes to soften the overall look. It gives a punch of texture to the page without being distracting.

Get it here.

brushstroke fonts, brush font, Anamortee, Anamortee font, font, typography, brushstroke fonts

No. 2 Anamortee

This is a beautiful font with connective strokes and soft edges. More refined than other brush stroke fonts, but still appears more organically handwritten than a standard calligraphy font. It also has an accompanying sans serif!

Get it here.

England font, handwritten font, fonts, typography
No. 3 England

Another handwritten font, England has the look of a book inscription from the seventeenth century. Soft and elongated letters blend together to create a seamless paragraph fit for a regency calling card.

Get it here.

Painted Brush font, brush font, Painted Brush, brushstroke font, script font, fonts, typography

No. 4 Painted Brush

This font was actually featured for free last week on Creative Market! An excellent brush lettered font with sharper strokes and an edgier look. Very defined and great for drawing in the eye. It also comes in a slanted version and with swashes.

Get it here.

Reey font, Reey, brush font, script font, brushstroke font, fonts, typography

No. 5 Reey Regular

I'm ending with something completely different. This font is a bit different from the others—very sharp, exaggerated strokes and less texture. Perfect for a feature word or sentence. The caps are so fun to look at!

Get it here.

Thanks for joining me on the first ever Font Archives journey!


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