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Volume 3 - 4.14.2020

A few of my favorite thin, sans serif fonts to add a sophisticated touch to any project.

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This week, we are taking a tour of sans serif fonts. The few I've picked for this volume are quite thin and are all capitals, so they add a very modern, minimalist edge to a design. Think that sounds perfect for you or your project? Read on!

Nouvelle Vague Black, Nouvelle Vague Black font, Nouvelle Vague font, fonts, typography
No. 1 Topazia

This font has strong, clean lines that are simplistic and stylish. It is perfect for a minimal, modern project that still needs a classic look. Topazia is timeless and contemporary all in one.

Get it here.

Kaoly font, Kaoly, fonts, font collection, typography
No. 2 Palm Beach

The other fonts in Volume 3 are monoline, meaning they are one continuous stroke through the whole character. But Palm Beach has a bit more interest, which makes it incredibly sophisticated. It almost has an Art Deco feel, but in a very updated way.

Get it here.

Al Nevrada font, Al Nevrada, fonts, font, font collection, typography, bold serif
No. 3 Hello Galleria Sans

This is an absolutely gorgeous modern sans font that has so much movement. I love the way the As and Hs are crossed, and how the tail of the R swoops under the next letter. Of all the fonts featured today, this one is definitely the trendiest.

Get it here.

Mermaid Bold font, Mermaid Bold, Mermaid Swash Cap font, Mermaid Swash Cap, font, fonts, typography, font collection, bold serif
No. 4 Solo

No, not Han Solo. Not even Ben Solo. This font is a beautiful recall of the Deco style, but has some cool features to make it unique. My favorite characters are the J and the W, and I really like how the developers played with the round shapes in each letter. It signals vintage cool style.

Get it here.

Thanks for reading!


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