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Volume 12 - 9.2.20

Some of my favorite typewriter fonts that are great for all sorts of projects!

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Let's talk typewriters. I love the real thing, I love the digital version! They add such a cool vintage vibe to almost anything. I really enjoy using them on stamp designs, for secondary phrases, and to add a little bookishness to an otherwise normal piece. Here are four of my absolute favorite typewriter fonts to try!

Nouvelle Vague Black, Nouvelle Vague Black font, Nouvelle Vague font, fonts, typography
No. 1 F25 Executive

I used this font when I did a book reading project for The Friends of Fort Point Channel, and I absolutely love how it turned out! This font is also free for personal AND commercial use, so it is really a great choice for budget projects. It's substantial and worn without being garishly typewriter.

Get it here.

Kaoly font, Kaoly, fonts, font collection, typography
No. 2 IBM Selectric Light

This is such a cute little font, and comes in an italic version, too! I love the exaggerated serifs on the i, j, and l, and how the v, w, and z are curved. The capitals are a great option for a more traditional typewriter font, but to be honest, I like how the upper and lowercase letters combine.

Get it here.

Al Nevrada font, Al Nevrada, fonts, font, font collection, typography, bold serif
No. 3 Oceanside Typewriter

Oceanside is a much thicker, rougher typewriter font, but the italic characters add some quirk to subtitles or vintage ephemera-inspired pieces. I can totally see this as the font on an antique receipt, product stamp, or luggage tag!

Get it here.

Mermaid Bold font, Mermaid Bold, Mermaid Swash Cap font, Mermaid Swash Cap, font, fonts, typography, font collection, bold serif
No. 4 Splendid 66

I first heard about Splendid 66 from Jordan Clark, an extremely talented artist & stationery designer. She uses it as one of her primary fonts, and for good reason--her whimsical designs are perfectly paired with this delicate and textured font. If you prefer a heavier look, this one comes in a variety of weights, too!

Get it here.

Which font is your favorite? Comment below or find me on Instagram @mungglehugstudio to let me know.

Thanks for reading!


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