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Volume 8 - 6.30.20

More funky, stylish bold fonts to brighten designs and moods.

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Bold fonts are some of the most versatile in my arsenal, because they are a) readable, and b) can make an impact no matter what your design style is. Today's features are for those who want to signal individuality and uniqueness. They're fun to look at and design with!

Nouvelle Vague Black, Nouvelle Vague Black font, Nouvelle Vague font, fonts, typography
No. 1 Carney's Gallery

I use the script half of this font duo all the time (and it was featured in Vol. 6 of the Font Archives!), but this stylish bold sans is so lovely in its own right. I love the rounded shapes and hooked edges.

Get it here.

Kaoly font, Kaoly, fonts, font collection, typography
No. 2 Sekogure

Sekogure also features bold, rounded letters, but with a clean italic finish. It has less contrast than some of the other fonts featured in this volume, meaning it will have high impact no matter what.

Get it here.

Al Nevrada font, Al Nevrada, fonts, font, font collection, typography, bold serif
No. 3 Grantham Roman

Grantham is one of those fonts that I would have HATED in my younger years, but I love it now! It has wide letters and just a hint of contrast on its letters, with serifs that remind me of medieval script writing. It also comes in different variations, so is perfect for a variety of projects!

Get it here.

Mermaid Bold font, Mermaid Bold, Mermaid Swash Cap font, Mermaid Swash Cap, font, fonts, typography, font collection, bold serif
No. 4 Pickwick Regular

Finally, potentially the quirkiest font I've featured yet! Pickwick is so much fun, and is actually super on trend with the fat-bottomed, 70s-style fonts going around. I adore the lowercase letters like 'x' and 'z' because they have such a beautiful movement to them!

Get it here.

Which font is your favorite? Comment below or find me on Instagram @mungglehugstudio to let me know.

Thanks for reading!


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