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Volume 5 - 5.12.2020

A sampling of some beautiful serif fonts that echo classic shapes with a modern feel, perfect for all types of projects!

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This week, the theme is modern twists on classic serif fonts. These fonts are perfect for a variety of projects, because they do all the work of signaling timeless refinement, and are also trendy and contemporary. All serifs are always good to collect for this very reason, and more will be featured in the future!

Nouvelle Vague Black, Nouvelle Vague Black font, Nouvelle Vague font, fonts, typography
No. 1 Cormorant Regular

Cormorant not only has a unique and distinctive look, it comes in a variety of styles that make it perfect for projects that require different types of copy. I love Regular for everyday work, as it is bold enough to be readable but still has a clean, delicate look.

Get it here.

Kaoly font, Kaoly, fonts, font collection, typography
No. 2 MADE Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage is just lovely. It is the "trendiest" of all the fonts featured today, as it has dramatic contrast and a wide footprint. I can envision this on projects as diverse as a wedding suite to a resume. It is as versatile as it is beautiful.

Get it here.

Al Nevrada font, Al Nevrada, fonts, font, font collection, typography, bold serif
No. 3 Fogtwo No5

Similar to Cormorant, Fogtwo has some quirky touches while remaining readable. My favorite part about it is the modern take on the classic serif, as all the lowercase letters have cute little curves that really make this font stand out.

Get it here.

Mermaid Bold font, Mermaid Bold, Mermaid Swash Cap font, Mermaid Swash Cap, font, fonts, typography, font collection, bold serif
No. 4 Ambroise Std. Light

Ambroise Std. also comes with a full suite of styles. My favorites are Light, which is great for larger pieces of text, and also Extra Bold Italic, which is just gorgeous for type that needs more attention. The little details add up to make this font so distinctive.

Get it here.

Which font is your favorite? Comment below or find me on Instagram @mungglehugstudio to let me know.

Thanks for reading!


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