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where to find color inspiration

Ten accounts to visit for some color inspiration when you need a little help. Everything from bold and bright to subtle and muted, this list can get you started on finding your way.

la redoute

La Redoute is a French fashion and interiors company that specializes in fresh, bright prints and bohemian style. The way they style their images is perfect for color inspiration!


Anthropologie is great for a lot of inspiration, but they are so famous for their unique color schemes. Both their clothing and living accounts have great images to get you out of a color rut.

shasta bell calligraphy

Stationery is one of my favorite places to find color inspiration. Stationers are so talented at putting together beautiful combinations that others of us might not have thought about. Shasta Bell is one of the best accounts I've found, and bonus—her cat is adorable.

free people

Similar to Anthropologie, Free People has a ton of muted, bohemian color inspiration for any project. Their images themselves are also works of art, and their website has a ton of lookbooks to scroll through.

tono + co

Much like stationers, people who work with textiles know their color. Tono + Co sells custom dyed ribbons, scarves, and other fun bits made from gloriously beautiful fabric. Their whole company is based on the color wheel, so this is one of my highest recommendations for color inspiration!

flying tiger

This might seem like an odd one, but this small store packs a colorful punch. Flying Tiger is for the designers who want bold schemes and fun, uplifting impact.

papel & co.

Another stationer, but dang, they know what they are doing. Papel & Co. is not afraid to mix bold, modern colors in gorgeous suites. Nat even has a color palette highlight on her Instagram page!

urban outfitters

I think almost everyone is familiar with Urban Outfitters as an entity, and sometimes what they do can be a little off the wall. But their images, especially in their homeware collections, are often a great place to start for color, pattern, and texture inspiration.

plume calligraphy

Yes, yes, another stationer. But come on, with color schemes this good, how could I pick just one or two? Plume Calligraphy has such a nostalgic, dreamy quality to all their suites, and Aileen creates the most lovely muted palettes. Also, check out their amazing fonts and mockups!


And last but not least, if all else fails, try Pinterest again. I have a whole board called 'Inspiration' that I use to compile a whole bunch of images that make me smile. But I also have a 'Design' board that features a lot of cool color palettes that people are creating all over the internet.

That's all for this round, but I am sure there will be more. Send me your favorite color inspiration recommendations in the comments below, or at @mugglehugstudio on Instagram!

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